Did Tomorrow People just jump the shark... or was that a masterstroke?

I really can't decide if the latest plot twist on Tomorrow People is brilliant or the final nail in the coffin of the show's credibility. This show about super-mutants on the run certainly has my attention, I'll say that.

Spoilers ahead...

Last night's Tomorrow People has a pretty simple plot: Stephen tells the others that he had a wiggy dream about his missing dad in which his dad says the word "Thanatos." So Cara and Russell decide the only thing to do is to sneak into Jedikiah's apartment while he's asleep and try to read his mind. John has his obligatory moment of saying "that suicide mission you're proposing is suicide," and then everybody just pats their "leader" on the head and carries on with what they were doing.


Alas, the mission goes south, and thanks to a series of wacky mishaps, Russell ends up teleporting Jedikiah back to the Tomorrow People's underground HQ. There, John emotes at him about his daddy issues, while Cara pretends unsuccessfully to have no superpowers any more (because of that injection a while back) and punches him a lot. Russell acts insecure and goofy, until Jedikiah gets the drop on him. Eventually, this leads to a few bad things happening:

1) Jedikiah finds out Cara still has her powers, which is just Reason #1000 not to trust Stephen.

2) John gets himself caught by Ultra

3) Jedikiah's nice girlfriend, who is the only one who understands him (a la Shaft), gets outed by Stephen in kind of a dick move, to try and throw everybody off the scent.


Oh, and Jedikiah does give up some information, and it leads to us meeting Professor Exposition, who lives in Maine and who explains that Stephen's father Roger Price (see what the show did there?) had the ability to stop time, just like Stephen can. And they had a whole complicated theory, which I'll get to in a minute.

Meanwhile, we also meet the Founder, the mysterious boss whom even Jedikiah answers to... and he's kind of a regular dude in a suit, with a beard. We do see him kill a random psychic for calling Jedikiah a "sap," in the episode's best scene.


Anyway, here's the part that's either super clever or terrible, or maybe both — we discover that Roger Price had this theory that if you teleported and stop time at the same time, you could arrive out of phase or something. And you would be in another dimension, called "limbo." This is clearly the information that Roger Price sent his son to find out from Dr. Exposition. In an obviously related development, we find out John shot Roger Price, and has been lying all this time about thinking that Roger Price is still alive.

So Roger Price is dead, and it's all hopeless... or is it? After all, Stephen apparently heard his dad talking when he was in an altered state. And his dad may have had the ability to enter "limbo." And the previews for next week's episode show Stephen saying he thinks Roger is caught between life and death. That's right... Roger teleported into actual limbo. As in, purgatory.


Things I like about this idea: The fact that John was lying to everybody is really interesting. The notion that after all this, Roger might just be dead and the whole thing is pointless is also neat, unless they go with the "limbo" thing. I liked the copious hints in this episode that Jedikiah and John still kind of love each other, and would enjoy seeing the two of them interact more. I like the hints that Roger Price was originally pro-Ultra and that there's still possibly a version of Ultra that could be beneficial.

But the thing of Roger being in Limbo? I kind of hope he's just dead, to be honest.


Oh, and this episode needed approximately 100 percent more Astrid.

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