Did This Jellyfish Crop Circle Accurately Predict A Solar Storm?

Discovered last month in a UK barley field, this crop circle appears to be a jellyfish. But intrepid crop circle analysts have discovered that it predicts a devastating solar storm on July 7. And they have diagrams to prove it.


Let's start with some plain facts. A commenter named Harold Stryderight on Cropcircleconnector.com explains it all to you:

Whenever a severe solar storm impacts directly on Earth, then our planetary magnetic field or "magnetosphere" changes into the general shape of a "jellyfish". That seems to be what those crop artists were telling us at Wayland's Smithy on May 29, 2009.

When looking at this lovely crop circle of a jellyfish, this does seem to be the obvious conclusion to reach. If it's a jellyfish, it must be the magnetosphere. I mean that's just common sense. Also, we have a helpful diagram showing how similar the jellyfish really is to this atmospheric phenomenon.


But who would be satisfied with just figuring out the jellyfish/magnetosphere correlation? Nobody, that's who. So Stryderight has delved deeper, analyzing every aspect of the jellyfish to determine what the exact date will be of the solar storm bent on destroying our atmosphere. He explains:

The new crop picture shows also seven "eclipse" symbols in its central tail (white numbers 1 to 7), as well as seven streamers hanging off below (yellow numbers 1 to 7). Both of those features suggest that a solar storm may impact Earth on July 7, 2009, as has already been suggested by several other crop pictures from April or May. The new crop picture also shows a small, horizontal, four-circle band just between its head and its long tail (blue arrows, left or right above). That feature closely resembles a crop picture from July 20, 2008 which told us about eclipses. Indeed, the suggested date of July 7, 2009 for an upcoming solar storm will be a penumbral lunar eclipse.


So true. Why didn't I think of that? Because I am not a trained crop circle analyst. I just don't have the background. Here is another helpful diagram to make this all clear.


There is apparently a third possibility for what this crop circle means, and I'm really confused about how it relates to the sun and our atmosphere and stuff like that. I mean, I get that the human body is like the solar system in miniature. Maybe our expert can enlighten me. Another crop circle analyst named Sol Ar writes:

The tentacles are non-symmetrical and seem to depict an organic, moving layer or sheath around the jellyfish. Their purpose is protection. Once activated the 12-point chakra system, through the crown ‘doorway', will open human Beings to multi-dimensionality and envelop the physical body in an ethereal, protective shell. The tentacles also seem to suggest our awareness or consciousness flowing freely into the unified field. We are on a wondrous journey of self-discovery as we awaken to our essence and full potential.


I see. So basically after we recover from a massive solar storm that destroys our atmosphere, kills all our communications satellites, and takes down the power grid, we're going to awaken our potential. Because we're all going to be protected by an ethereal shell, which is like +10 armor that protects against photonic incursion.

You know what I love about crop circles? They always make me feel great.

via CropCircleConnector Comments and AboveTopSecret

Crop circle photograph by Olivier Morel.


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