Over at Livejournal, New Zealand blogger Stella Matutina writes about how much she's been enjoying the Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction lately. And then she comes up with an intriguing description of some of her favorite stories that she's read in there:

As I read the November/December 2011 issue, I began to think specifically about the kind of science fiction they publish. I realized that a lot of it is what I think of as baroque SF; that is, SF set in the distant future and/or on other worlds where the social structure has led to a distinct class system that promotes decadence and drives much of the conflict. The advanced technology may resemble magic in some respects, too, though everyone in the story is quite clear that it's scientific, not mystical.

I really like the term "baroque SF" — is there any better term for the kind of stories she's describing? Or should we just go ahead and adopt her terminology? Any thoughts? [Stella Matutina on LJ]