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We’re a few weeks removed from the UK’s decision to remove itself from the European Union, and while the country is still feeling the effects of the momentous decision, we may have reached the heat death of the “weird takes on Brexit” universe. That is, now that we have this completely absurd theory that ties it into an episode of Doctor Who.


Huw Fullerton of the Radio Times asks us to cast our minds back to the middling 2010 episode “The Beast Below,” from Matt Smith’s first season as the Doctor, casting the story as Doctor Who’s own timey-wimey prediction of the Brexit vote.


It’s pretty ridiculous—framing the original script’s allusions to the then-upcoming Scottish independence referendum, as instead a reference to the fresh chances that the country could soon hold a second independence referendum in a bid to keep itself in the EU before the UK leaves—but still remarkably, consistently argued. It is definitely, at least, the weirdest thing to be written about Brexit so far. Read the whole thing over at the link below.

[Radio Times]

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