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Sun's got a message for Jack. What's that you're saying, Sun? Only a few minutes until V? Thanks for letting us know. The V countdown clock annoyed the shit out of people, but it also disrupted Lost's most text-heavy episode.


They could have picked any other episode of Lost and it might not have been such a big problem. But during an episode with subtitles running across the screen (which got obscured in at least one crucial instance) and Sun having to write on a notepad during a pivotal moment — which just happened to be in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen! — the V countdown clock was a clusterfuck of hamster-eating lizard army proportions.

People took to Twitter to register their dismay. Lost producer Damon Lindelof tweeted: "Yes, people, I saw it too. :34 minutes until I cry myself to sleep." And Lost's Adam Horowitz added, "Really? The V couldn't have at least been translucent?!?" (Here's a list of other angry/mocking "countdown clock" tweets, including one person who suggests that the episode of V should have a countdown until the next episode of V.)


I personally didn't mind the countdown clock that much — V is a show with a lot of potential, that needs a lot of help getting back onto people's radar after an ill-advised four-month hiatus — but when it actually interferes with Lost's storytelling? That's going way too far.

My Lost recap will be up soon!

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