Illustration for article titled Did the newest emStar Wars/em bounty hunter steal his look from emStarship Troopers/em brain bug?

STAR WARS: The Old Republic, the massive new Star Wars multiplayer online role-playing game has released a pretty excellent Jedi Vs. Bounty Hunter video showcasing the differences between both classes of warriors. It also reveals one pretty bad ass Bounty Hunter... who reminds us of an old friend.

Here's the video run down in which the new Bounty Hunter basically tells the Jedi to jump right up his Bounty Hunter behind. It's a pretty bad ass character, and his helmet looks like the giant vagina-faced brain bug from Starship Troopers. Whether intentionally or accidentally, we still think he's pretty great!


STAR WARS: The Old Republic hits stands in America on December 20th.

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