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Controversy erupted over the weekend when Amber Benson, who played Tara on Buffy The Vampire Slayer, claimed one of Syfy's newly greenlit shows, Human Relations, was awfully similar to Drones, a film she wrote/directed with Adam Busch (Warren on Buffy.)


Both projects are about a guy working in an office who realizes his quirky, off-kilter coworkers are actually aliens plotting to destroy the world. Benson pointed out that her film — which hits theaters and DVD next March — had its trailer (above) premiere on Syfy's website in January, six months before Syfy greenlit Human Relations.

Here's the Drones trailer:

But Human Relations producer Scott Prendergast tells Airlock Alpha he's been working on his project since the mid-1990s, and it really is just a coincidence. (And to be fair, judging from the trailer, Drones seems more like a quirky romantic comedy than a paranoid "my bosses are evil" kind of deal. But it's always hard to judge from a trailer.)


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