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Did Summer Glau Really Just Namecheck io9 On Dollhouse?

In Friday night's Dollhouse episode, is Summer Glau really saying "You routed through an io9 to seize control of my chair?" It appears so. Check out the clip and Tim Minear's actual script for the episode.

After a few of the commenters on our Dollhouse recap pointed it out, we decided that maybe we weren't just having Friday-night aural hallucinations and Glau really was saying "io9." So we watched again, and sure enough, she is. And the Hulu closed captions appear to confirm it, although they render it as I-09. Behold:

Illustration for article titled Did Summer Glau Really Just Namecheck io9 On Dollhouse?

Update: The episode's script is actually online — with some interesting bits that didn't make it into the final episode. And in the script, Topher says, "Route the chair's I-09 directly into the ground feed," and then later Bennett says her line, as reproduced above in the closed captioning.

(For those of you wondering what an io9 is, here's how we defined the term when we launched the site.)


So what do you think: Accidental, or an actual in-joke?


We talked to Tim Minear, who wrote and directed the episode, and it was definitely intentional. More of our interview with Minear tomorrow.

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Are you aware there was a name check for io9 on Supernatural?

I can't remember exactly which episode but it was @ 5 x 05. (I can find it if there's interest.)

Sam and Dean were dressed as FBI agents and as they exited, or entered, their motel room, the number on the door was "io9"