Did Somebody Hack Your Virtual Breasts?

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I can't stop thinking about a story that broke earlier this week about a bug that reduced the breast sizes of tons of large-boobed avatars in the MMO "Age of Conan" (you can see before and after pictures here). No word on whether the boobs have been re-inflated, nor any real explanation of how it happened beyond some hand-waving about patches and "morph values" for body parts. My theory is that it was actually a gang of feminist modders who infected the MMO with properly-sized boobies. [Kotaku]


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Corpore Metal

A friend got me to sign up and game with him on Age of Conan recently. So far my inclination to prudishness has kept me from making any female characters at all, let alone tarts with big boobs. Anyway all this ballyhoo over boob sizes just causes me to roll my eyes.

It's just a game people. You want porn, there's terabytes of it for free on Internet. You want sex, go have it with your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend.