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Did somebody eat these missing mastodon bones in Central Florida?

Illustration for article titled Did somebody eat these missing mastodon bones in Central Florida?

A disturbing bit of news has bubbled up in Central Florida, where an 80,000-year-old mastodon skeleton has gone missing from the shed where it had been stored for over 20 years. reports:

City workers stumbled upon the skeleton in 1989 during construction for a water treatment plant off what was then 11th Street, now LPGA Boulevard. The remains were thought to be stored inside a shed at Holly Hill's Public Works facility.

But when city officials recently checked the shed, the bones were gone.

"They just plain disappeared," David Rowe, general manager for the Holly Hill Museum and Cultural Center, told the News-Journal.


Apparently it wasn't until now that a local museum decided to put the bones on display, which is when they realized that the mastodon remains were gone. OK, first of all, why was this mastodon skeleton being stored in a public works shed? And second, what could possibly have happened to them? My guess is that somebody cooked them up to make mastodon broth. I mean, wouldn't you?

(Thanks for the tip, Joe Littrell!)

Tasty soup photo by Rosy Posy

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Walter Alterdonk

probably the same person who keeps stealing my sandwich from the break room.