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Steve Lisberger, who directed the original Tron way back in 1982, was on the set of Tron Legacy as an elder statesman of cyber-dystopia. And he's dropped some pretty interesting hints about the way the new movie'll end. Spoilers ahead...


Talking to reporters, Lisberger says that unlike the clear-cut ending of his movie, the new movie will have a more muddled conclusion. Possibly to set up two more sequels, but also because of our changing attitudes to computers and technology in general. Any victory in Tron Legacy will be purely pyrrhic:

There's almost a nostalgia for Tron, because at the time we did the film it was sort of the idealism of the new frontier and everything was going to work out and be so great. All we had to do was kill the MCP [Master Control Program]. … And we've now lived through what really happened, the town's gotten corrupt and there's good guys and the bad guys and bad guys in the good guys. … This sort of gets back to some of that idealism but at the same time it's sophisticated enough to know that it's never going to be that simple ever again.


In Tron Legacy, Sam Flynn goes looking for his dad Kevin, who's been missing since 1989 — and they're reunited inside the virtual world. Sam is the biggest shareholder in Encom, and has been living in comfort, except that he's grown up without a father. It's made him a reckless, motorcycle-riding young rebel, which turns out to be handy inside the computer world.

Lisberger adds that Kevin Flynn has gone from a young turk to Obi-Wan Kenobi:

In some ways this film is about what happens if you find out your dad is Obi-Wan and not Darth Vader… because that has its own challenges.


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