Did Nathan Fillion Just Reveal His Guardians of the Galaxy Cameo?

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Nathan Fillion, who has worked with Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn on both Slither and Super, was asked recently if his buddy slipped him into the next Marvel feature. His answer seemed to imply that the answer was yes. Plus watch the first GOTG clip!

At the Saint Louis Comic-Con, Fillion was questioned on whether or not he would be popping up in Marvel's space adventure. His response was all over the place, but it certainly wasn't a no:

"Wanting to get a part? Or maybe did? I'm just saying... maybe? Maybe you'll be surprised? Maybe check the credits of the movie when you watch it."


So what does that mean? We know there's going to be a ton of space aliens in this movie (we've already seen loads of them from set images). So it's very easy to assume that Fillion put on some alien makeup and trotted around in the background, thus making him only recognizable in the credits. OR — and this is a big or — maybe he's in the real after credits scene? Because why else ask people to look at the credits, and not the specific scene he was in? Curious and curiouser.

Here's the footage from the event timed right at the question, you decide for yourself.

And finally here is the first ever clip from GOTG, which is a lot like the trailer. But hey, more Chris Pratt is always good for the soul.

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Please be revealed as a marvel character to be in one of the other movies, if not his own.