Did Green Lantern just kill the Deadpool movie?

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Warner Brothers is already developing the Green Lantern 2 screenplay, long before GL1 is even finished. Pair that with rumors that Green Lantern will be a trilogy shot back-to-back, and where does that leave Ryan Reynolds' other superhero movie: Deadpool?


There's a lot of speculation running rampant about the Deadpool film this week, especially after Warner Bros. announced that they are speeding up plans for a Green Lantern sequel. Geoff Johns dropped massive hints at Comic Con that the Green Lantern franchise could be a trilogy, and now the WB is writing a sequel for a film that hasn't even finished editing. So what does that mean for Deadpool? Can Ryan Reynolds even spare time to play the Merc with a Mouth, if he still has to shoot two more Green Lantern films, especially at this grueling pace?

Last we heard Robert Rodriguez was being courted to direct the Deadpool movie, written by Zombieland duo Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese. Ryan Reynolds even said that he talked to Wernick and Reese daily about the Deadpool project, so clearly his heart is in it.


But just because Reynolds wants to make Deadpool doesn't mean he'll get to. If the current buzz is correct, and the next two Green Lantern films really do shoot back-to-back, Reynolds could be tied up for years, with shooting, training, publicity and everything else. Meanwhile, Fox might get antsy to put out its superhero movie before the trend crumbles, and recast Deadpool entirely. Or just scrap the project, if they can't get such a bankable star as Reynolds.

Killing the Deadpool move altogether would work in Warners Bros.' favor, since they wouldn't have to compete with Fox for Reynolds' superhero press. Plus it will make the Green Lantern character seem more "authentic," if Reynolds refrains from slipping on any other superhero duds. Den of Geek points out that Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld has been tweeting his dismay:

Warner Bros. just trying to protect their investment. They don't want Ryan Reynolds playing Deadpool AND Green Lantern. Interesting 2 watch

Bottom line about Deadpool film is that if FOX doesn't pull the DP film together with Ryan Reynolds between GL films-they should Hari Kari

Ryan Reynolds is the new Will Smith, if FOX can't maximize this window of opportunity with this star, this character, that script=MASSV FAIL


So, is Deadpool dead, postponed, or going to be recast? Because as of right now, it doesn't seem like Ryan Reynolds can play both characters at once.

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Okay, I get that I'm missing something. I read Deadpool in X-Force, etc. back in the Liefeld days, but judging from the crowd here that's the tip of the iceberg. So what am I missing? What should I read to grok Deadpool?