Because Gotham really has no idea what to do as a show other than keep adding "early" versions of Batman's rogues gallery, they've cast Colm Feore as the villainous Dollmaker. But it's the Dollmaker's "real" name โ€” not from the comics, but one the show has thought up itself โ€” that will drive you as mad as the Joker.


It's Dr. Francis Dulmacher.

Look, I don't know what I expected from a show whose mastery of subtlety culminated when they gave proto-Riddler Edward Nygma a coffee mug with a big fucking question mark on it. And I know Batman comics have had a history of this sort of shit, what with Victor Fries being Mr. Freeze, Temple Fugate/William Tockman as Clock King, and of course Nygma himself (although nowadays it's recognized that the Riddler changed his name to Nygma on purpose). But those names came from kids' comics and cartoons from decades ago, and not a primetime TV show that is ostensibly geared to viewers aged 18-49.


Basically, Gotham, there's a difference between being being delightfully campy and insultingly stupid, and this crosses it. Badly. For god's sake, if you're going to do a terrible prophetic name, at least have the decency to at least try to make it a little clever. Even "Dr. Francis Dahl" would have seemed subtle in comparison.

[Via The AV Club]