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Did Google Steal From Philip K. Dick's Brain?

Illustration for article titled Did Google Steal From Philip K. Dicks Brain?

Philip K. Dick's daughter, Isa Dick-Hackett, is considering suing Google because their phone handset may be called the Nexus One. The Replicants in Dick's Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep? were Nexus-6 models. Would you want a Roy Batty phone?


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Dear god, really? Really?

I am sick of these lawsuits. And I am by no means a google fanatic (in my eyes they're rapidly becoming very much like what they espouse they are not). But seriously?

Firstly, as others have pointed out, nexus existed before PDK came up with it.

Secondly, if it IS a reference, I would consider it an *homage*, not a copyright infringement. You know, like calling the upcoming space liner Enterprise or naming a spider after Darth Vader.

Thirdly, aren't the whole point of copyright infringements the idea that the author (or estate in this case) is being financially harmed by the infringement. In what way, at all, would a google phone with a loose connection to an obscure (and yes, the name's obscure even if the work is not) model of android from a science fiction novel harm the novel's writer or his estate?

Answer: it can't possibly. The only possible consequence I can foresee is people buying the phone, hearing about the loose connection, and possibly showing some interest and buying the...

Oh. Now I see the master plan.