Did Gillian Anderson just confirm X-Files 3 for 2012?

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Remember when David Duchovny said way back when that a third X-Files movie was in the works? Now his co-star Gillian Anderson seems to be following suit.


In an interview with Australian television presenter Kylie Speer, Anderson mentioned that a new movie was being prepped for next year. Tweeted Speer, "Just interviewed Gillian Anderson...she is super stunning in real life and said she hopes a new #X-Files 2012 movie will be out next year!" Of course, this may be optimistic speculation on Anderson's part — a statement from Chris Carter could make this business official.


Will the show's mysteries ever be solved? Will Xzibit come back? In any case, there's always the Korean X-Files to tide you over.

[Via Bleeding Cool]

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Of course Xzibit is going to come back. Also, it will be a Doctor Who crossover.