Did Fanboy Outcry Cause GI Joe To Become More American?

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GI Joe may sound like a fully American operation, but was the movie version of the team an international operation before fans complained? A new report suggests so, much to the US Government's pleasure.

Writing about the Department of Defense's participation in both this summer's upcoming toy movies, Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen and GI Joe: Rise Of Cobra, Stars and Stripes hints at the shifting international allegiances of the fictional team as one reason why the DoD has been much more involved in Transformers than the more-naturally-fitting Joe:

"When I spoke to the producers, they said they went about looking at G.I. Joe as not wholly American; they wanted to appeal to the international audience, so they decided to create an acronym, and the acronym was GI JOE," [DoD deputy director for entertainment media, Vincente C.] Ogilvie said... A poster for "G.I. Joe" hangs outside Strub's and Ogilvie's office in the Pentagon. Ogilvie said he debated putting it up due to the level of support the film got from the Defense Department. "They still got support from us, so I went ahead and said, ‘Put it up,'" he said.


The article cites IMDB that Joe has become much more of an American production following fan outcry, presumably sparked by Fox News' predictable upset about the decision. We're confused as to whether or not this actually true, though; despite the "Real American Hero" tagline, wasn't GI Joe always an international organization, or am I just remembering rewritten continuity from when the line was launched as "Action Force" in the UK?

Transformers beat G.I. Joe in battle for DOD support for summer blockbusters [Stars and Stripes]

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I remember them saying that GI JOE was now an acronym. So they went back to making it an American operation? The show was always about an American special forces team. I think some people forget that because now it seems inappropriate, but that's what it was at the time. I think the acronym thing was developed because of international sentiment against America over the Bush administration, as well as domestic liberal distaste as well. Now that Obama is President they can get away with doing it as an American operation again. Overall though I think the movie will be so bad no one will care either way.