Did David Foster Wallace's death make an Infinite Jest movie more likely? It turns out Foster Wallace was working on the script for a movie adaptation as recently as last year, along with Sam Jones, who made the Wilco documentary I Am Trying To Break Your Heart. Filmsite Chud is speculating that all of the attention Foster Wallace is getting, thanks to his glowing obits, could jumpstart the movie. I actually think it could work quite well as a film, if you reimagined it as a sort of absurdist spy comedy about tennis. [Chud]

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I can't see it. Actually I can't see David Foster Wallace ever doing it justice. Infinite Jest isn't about its plot after all. If it was it would have been three hundred pages long and in the end you'd know what the fuck just happened.

There's a truism of Hollywood that great books make lousy movies. What makes great movies are mediocre books appropriated by great screenwriters and directors. You gain in translation rather than lose.