Dick's Tears To Flow Into Theaters

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Ready for a new movie based on a classic Philip K. Dick novel, from the people who are bringing you Terminator Salvation? Halcyon Pictures have announced plans to film Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said.


Dick's 1974 novel, about a man who wakes up one day to discover that he doesn't exist, isn't the most obvious choice to adapt into a major motion picture; it's not the book's dystopian future America or existential themes that might scare away audiences as much as the drug use, that's so important to the plot, and the incestuous central couple that would likely scare away studios. Here's hoping that Victor Kubicek and Derek Anderson, founders of Halcyon and producers of Terminator Salvation will stay true to the book's spirit... or that Dick's daughters, Isa Dick Hackett and Laura Leslie, who're developing the movie, will keep them honest.

Halcyon eyes 'Flow My Tears' for big screen [Hollywood Reporter]


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That novel contains the worst adverb in the history of English. At one point a character pats someone on the back 'friendlily'.

But that probably won't be a problem in a film adapation.