Dick Tracy and The Spirit Join Forces in Their First Comic Strip Crossover

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Dick Tracy artist Joe Staton revealed at New York Comic-Con that comic strip heroes Dick Tracy and The Spirit will be pairing up for the first time in a crossover next year. Will Eisner’s iconic noir hero will be visiting into Dick Tracy’s crime-riddled city—with permission from Eisner’s estate. What’s next, Garfield and Cathy?

The crossover had been rumored for months, but it’s nothing new for the Dick Tracy series. In an interview with ComicBook.com, Staton said the Tracy strip has been hosting crossovers for years, developing a sort of “comics universe,” but that this will be the first time these two iconic characters appear side-by-side in the newspaper.

“Dick Tracy saved Little Orphan Annie from the pirates; we’ve had characters from Terry and the Pirates showing up and characters from Brenda Starr. Usually these are really short crossovers, but this time he wanted to do something really big and in-continuity with both Dick Tracy and The Spirit,” Staton said.

Credit: Dick Tracy Depot
Credit: Dick Tracy Depot

There’s no word about what the story’s going to be about or how long the crossover will last, but it should start in January. So long as no one mentions the disastrous 2008 The Spirit film, everything should turn out just fine.


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The Dick Tracy film was pretty unwatchable too if I recall. I think I walked out of the theater.

And who has been clamoring for this team up — that’s still alive?