Dick Dastardly and Muttley Will Be Post-Apocalyptic Death Racers In Garth Ennis' New DC Comic

Art from Wacky Raceland by Leonardo Manco

Look, that right there is one hell of a headline to have to write. But in a world where DC Comics is giving us all sorts of weird Hanna-Barbera series—from profane cyberpunk Scooby Doo, to post-modern Flintstones, to sci-fi spy-fi in Future Quest—I guess the thought of Garth Ennis writing a Wacky Races spin-off isn’t too far out there.

Specifically, it’s spinning out of the ongoing Wacky Raceland series by Ken Pontac and Leonardo Manco, which re-imagines the goofy cartoon as a Mad Max-ian death race set in the ruins of civilization. Ennis’ series was announced by editor Marie Javins at a DC press event at San Diego Comic-Con today.


It’s still very early days; the only real detail is the Preacher cocreator’s name being attached, there’s currently no decided art team or release window. But come on, Garth Ennis writing a crazy take on Dick Dastardly? That’s gonna be great.

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