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Dick Dastardly and Muttley Will Be Post-Apocalyptic Death Racers In Garth Ennis' New DC Comic

Art from Wacky Raceland by Leonardo Manco
Art from Wacky Raceland by Leonardo Manco

Look, that right there is one hell of a headline to have to write. But in a world where DC Comics is giving us all sorts of weird Hanna-Barbera series—from profane cyberpunk Scooby Doo, to post-modern Flintstones, to sci-fi spy-fi in Future Quest—I guess the thought of Garth Ennis writing a Wacky Races spin-off isn’t too far out there.


Specifically, it’s spinning out of the ongoing Wacky Raceland series by Ken Pontac and Leonardo Manco, which re-imagines the goofy cartoon as a Mad Max-ian death race set in the ruins of civilization. Ennis’ series was announced by editor Marie Javins at a DC press event at San Diego Comic-Con today.

It’s still very early days; the only real detail is the Preacher cocreator’s name being attached, there’s currently no decided art team or release window. But come on, Garth Ennis writing a crazy take on Dick Dastardly? That’s gonna be great.


James is a News Editor at io9. He wants pictures. Pictures of Spider-Man!

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Okay but where’s my dark and gritty Stop That Pigeon reboot.

Come on, people, it’s set during World War I! Think of the mustard gas, the bombing raids, horrors of no man’s land! This thing writes itself!