DiCaprio Pulls a New Writer into the Twilight Zone

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At long last, Leonardo DiCaprio has hired a screenwriter for his big-screen adaptation of The Twilight Zone. His choice has cut his teeth writing science fiction and horror, and has a surprising credit in softcore porn.


It's been a year since we first announced that DiCaprio's production company, Appian Way, was hunting down scripts for a Twilight Zone film. And it appears that they have finally chosen their scribe, writer and television producer Rand Ravich. Ravich is probably best known for creating the NBC police drama Life, but he also scripted the B-movie-inspired thriller The Astronaut's Wife (which he also directed) and the horror sequel Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh.

And, in fact, Ravich has also written for a series modeled on TV anthologies like The Twilight Zone — but instead of science fiction or horror, the stories featured in Playboy's Inside Out anthology are, naturally, based around sex. Still, the description from IMDB of his entry "Put Asunder" suggests that Ravich would have rather been writing for Rod Serling than Hugh Hefner:

A battling divorced couple cannot keep their hands off of each other, so they hire a hitman to kill one of them, based on chance.

Still no word from Appian on whether the film, like its ill-fated 1983 predecessor, will feature remakes of old Twilight Zone episodes or an original (and potentially pornographic) tale from Ravich.





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