Illustration for article titled Dharma Muppets, Fake Spoilers And Israeli Trailers Ease The Wait For Lost Season Six

The producers of Lost are determined to keep us from seeing any footage from the show until it debuts Feb. 2. But at least we're getting some suitably weird teasers... like this muppet Pierre Chang, and some hilarious foreign videos.


Why is Pierre Chang, the Dharma Initiative mad scientist, a muppet? Is Lost finally going to go the route of Angel's final season and transform some of its characters into felt puppets for an episode? Probably not. Instead, it's a "production still" from an episode of Lost Untangled, a new series of mini-documentaries about the making of the show that will debut after each episode of season six airs. (Similar to the BBC's Doctor Who Confidential series.) Jo over at Jopinionated debuted this image exclusively — click over to see a bigger version.

Meanwhile, the U.S. promo videos for season six continue to be dreadful - but in the wake of the amazing Spanish promo, Israel has stepped up to the plate with this mind-bending video, via Doc Arzt:


And the Brits, not to be left out, have posted a couple of pretty hilarious videos in which producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse give some fake spoilers (via LylyFord):

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