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Devs Releases a Trio of Haunting, Quietly Paranoid Teasers

Nick Offerman is lookin’ creepy.
Nick Offerman is lookin’ creepy.
Image: FX/Hulu
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Devs, Alex Garland’s enigmatic new thriller, is releasing pretty soon, and yesterday we got not one but three new teasers, fleshing out the unnerving world of mysterious conspiracies and unjust deaths.


The show, which stars Nick Offerman, Sonoya MIzuno, and Jin Ha among others, is about the secretive development division of a major tech company and the secrets it’s harboring, which are far, far more dangerous than they seem. Like much of of the promotional materials around this show, these teasers “Scared,” “Gold,” and “Amaya,” don’t give away an exceptional amount about the setting. But they’re all suffused with the same kind of unease. There’s a creeping, powerful dread here, and the sense that whatever high-tech power this company has tapped into, it’s not something to take lightly.

Garland has made a lot of visionary science fiction in the past few years, so it’ll be very intriguing to see how this uneasy vision plays out. Devs, a limited series, will be premiering on Hulu March 5th. 


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I am ready! FX’s history of original programming - especially their short run winter/spring miniseries - has been made up of far more hits than misses for me so color me excited.