Development Hell Cannot Hold B-List Superheroes For Long

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The Shazam movie isn't dead, according to its producer, and it's not the only superhero movie that may also be more alive than you'd been led to believe.


Michael Uslan - also one of the producers behind Frank Miller's The Spirit movie - told MTV that we shouldn't write off the movie prospects for DC Comics' Big Red Cheese just yet:

I will only say one thing — and all I will do is quote Samuel Clemens to you... This is direct from Captain Marvel himself: ‘The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.’

Firstly, I think someone should tell Uslan that Captain Marvel isn't actually able to quote Mark Twain, not being real and everything. Secondly, it'll be interesting to see whether Uslan's tease has anything to back it up, or whether he's just not willing to admit publicly that the project is as dead as screenwriter John August thinks it is.

Interestingly enough, it may be the day for "dead" movies turning out to be more alive than thought; Marc Guggenheim also told that David Goyer's comment about DC Comics movies all being on hold doesn't include Green Lantern: "I think David was referring to other properties. That doesn't jibe with the information that I've been getting," Guggenheim is quoted as saying.

Captain Marvel/Shazam Movie Still Alive? Producer Michael Uslan Hints At Film’s Future [MTV Splash Page]



crashedpc /sarcasm

Clearly Uslan is delusional to the point where he does indeed think Captain Marvel is real, and therefore giving him insider tips from inside his movie trailer.