After weeks of rumors and creative guesses, the real details of the return of Brit sitcom Red Dwarf have finally been revealed... kind of. We now know how many new episodes (Yes, there's more than one), how many clip shows and where everything is going to be broadcast, but certain other details are still being kept under wraps for fear of ideas being stolen, which is more than a little intriguing. Most importantly, also currently a secret is what must be the burning question about the comeback: will all of the skutters join the human cast in this reunion?According to the official fan site for the show, Red, the show's return will be spearheaded by co-creator Doug Naylor, for broadcast on UK cable channel Dave. There will, as the Sun claimed, be four 30-minute episodes in total, but only one of them will be a clip show, and even that won't be done entirely straight, as cast member Robert Llewellyn hinted:

[The plan for the clip show] is so exciting I've been asked not to say anything about that because other people will steal the idea - and it is a great idea, quite challenging for us as performers.


The site broke down the four episodes as follows:

Show One - The Making Of The Specials A highly entertaining look at what goes on behind the scenes on a Red Dwarf production. Show Two - Red Dwarf Special: Part One The cast get back into character, and costume, a decade on... Show Three - Red Dwarf Special: Part Two The adventure continues... Show Four - A Clip Show With a Serious Difference The cast do it their way. Red Dwarf as you have never, ever seen it before!

Production on the specials begins soon, with the shows being aimed for a 21st anniversary broadcast sometime next year. New Red Dwarf Specials Confirmed [Red]

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