Designing Groot's Crotch For Guardians Was "Incredibly Difficult"

How do you cover the tree privates of a gigantic, naked plant creature such as Groot? The nether regions of everyone's favorite one-worded Guardian certainly provided a lot of problems for the Guardians of the Galaxy design team.


The Globe and Mail has a fascinating step-by-step Groot breakdown from GOTG visual effects supervisor Nicolas Aithadi, whose work was nominated last night for an Academy Award. However, the part of Groot that seemed to get the most attention (besides those big beautiful puppy eyes) was his pelvis.

Linking to the story on his Facebook page, director James Gunn elaborated on the construction of Groot's downstairs midsection:

Some interesting tidbits here. It makes me remember how all the early Groot designs made him look so old, whereas I always saw Groot as a teenager. What it doesn't mention was how incredibly difficult it was to work on the crotch area - either a piece of bark looked too cheesy and fig leaf like or a root was in just the wrong place that looked like an ingrown penis. There were more iterations of Groot's crotch than any part of his body (for Rocket it was his mouth and feet).

Aithadi's report on creating a bottom to our hero falls right in with what Gunn said, explaining that the earlier versions of Groot almost omitted a pelvis, which was a mistake. He just looked like a giant chest with legs.

"What people have in their mind when they see other human bodies: pectorals, shoulder blades, back muscles, butt cheeks... By looking at Groot, you see a little bit of yourself."


We're not surprised GOTG's two CG main characters almost ran away with the whole show thanks to the immense amount of work put into every character's body part (along with a great script, good delivery and chemistry).



But he's a plant! His "privates" are any flower that he could grow.

Also an interesting question: can any Groot stick be used to grow your own personal Groot? And is that new Groot a clone or a different person?