Descend Into Weirdness With the New Blu-ray of Italian Horror Classic Cat in the Brain

Fulci spends the first part of the movie dressed like Ed Gein for some reason. Image: via screen grab.

Italian horror master Lucio Fulci (The Beyond, Zombi 2) plays ... an Italian horror master named Lucio Fulci in 1990's Cat in the Brain, one of the last films he made before his death. Equal parts meta, insane, and violent, Cat in the Brain, aka Nightmare Concert, is now getting a handsome Blu-ray from Grindhouse Releasing.


Picking up this release of Cat in the Brain is, ahem, a no-brainer for Fulci fanatics; not only does it include a hi-def, digital restoration of Fulci’s director’s cut (so you can be certain that none of the gore—be it in the movie, or in the movies-within-the-movie that the increasingly unhinged Fulci character is working on—is missing), but there are some killer extras.

The second disc in the three-disc package contains the expected trailers and archival interviews with Fulci and others, as well as new interviews with the film’s screenwriter, cinematographer, and poster artist, plus composer Fabio Frizzi—whose complete soundtrack is included as a separate audio CD. There’s also a commemoration of Fulci’s final big public appearance, just months before his death, at Fangoria’s horror convention in NYC—where he was thrilled to see how many fans loved and appreciated his work.

Act fast (the disc is out July 12, but you can pre-order here) and you’ll get one of just 3,000 glow-in-the-dark slipcovers—the “glowing” part is the skull, in the image above. Early birds also get—in the spirit of Grindhouse’s limited-run inclusion of a puzzle in the Pieces Blu-ray—a postcard-sized portrait of Fulci as he appears in the film.

Act even faster and you might still be able to catch Cat in the Brain on the big screen, since it’s currently midway through a theater tour (dates here, through the end of August). But if you can’t make it to any showings, at least you can now enjoy this wonderfully sick classic from the comfort of your own home. Bonus points if you have a cat or two, and a nice big plate of steak tartare.

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