Derelict Spaceships Helped The Microhousing Trend Take Off

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The single-occupant pod ships were actually perfect for low-impact housing. They already had solar panels, hydroponic chambers, and modular living quarters. However, most sentients replaced the strap-in, low-gravity beds with simple hammocks.


"Home" is by concept artist Juhani Jokinen, who currently works at Ubisoft Redlynx. You can seem more of Jokinen's work at his portfolio site, deviantART, and Tumblr. You can also purchase a print of "Home" or of Jokinen's other illustrations, at Society6.

Spotted on Geek Art Gallery.

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For Istoodam Far, the long war was finally over. Her brave boys and girls had come home, at least most of their pieces did. Like most interstellar fights, it would take the belligerents another couple centuries to finally wind down, but for this quiet backwater, so far from the center, it was well and truly over. The price had been heavy, in some ways too heavy for the Farians to bear. They had given all and won, but paid too much. Their atmosphere was toxin riddled, their industry grey gooed. Even their patron Machine goddess had been nearly obliterated in her final stand to defend family, processors and home.

Yet even from the talcum powder grey dust, they did what they always did, and pulled themselves up from their bootstraps. Some clever engineers, a handful of wizened machinists, and a deca-unit of aged androids managed to scrap enough sodium reactors together to get the machine goddess's turbine heart to spin again. Her great angelic eyes glowed golden once again. Her body long vaporized needed only enough processing power to kickstart her nano-blodd to rebuild. Yet, her mind was in bits, bytes, and shatters.

Having seen their comrades suffer from such fates before, the deca-unit of androids dug up an old smart phone and started spoon feeding her wiki's and io9's. One day, her sentience would spark once again, her long silver body rebuilt, and those great golden eyes would watch over this world for centuries more.