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Denver Alien Video — For Reals!

Illustration for article titled Denver Alien Video — For Reals!

As many of our commenters have noted, the video we showed below was some fake footage created for about $90 by somebody wanting to make fun of poor Jeff Peckman, the Denver man who sponsored a ballot initiative to create an "Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission" in his city. Now the Rocky Mountain News gang has seen Peckman's actual video, and liveblogged the whole affair. The video has not yet leaked online, but we do have a picture from it here, and the Rocky Mountain News' Bill Scanlon says it's basically two minutes of an alien head appearing and disappearing in front of a window in the middle of the night. [Rocky Mountain News]


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This video made the rounds of YouTube back a few years ago.

If I recall there is one where you can hear peopl yelling at the figure in the window.

At the time I thought it was a viral type thing for that music video directory who does all of those electronic/techno videos with the twisted little dwarves or the guy who did rubberbaby (I think it was called that.)

So obviously I think this is a fake, but we can all wait for the documentary, and then we will know it's a fake.

Unless the Aliens parents show up and make him wear a sandwich board and apologize for their son being a bit of a perv.