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Denmark's newest sci fi franchise stars shimmering killer cyber-giants, obviously

Illustration for article titled Denmarks newest sci fi franchise stars shimmering killer cyber-giants, obviously

Director Tommy Ibsen has plans... big plans. This is the first trailer for Exodus, a sci fi movie that he hopes will be the first entry in a massive multimedia franchise that will include an Exodus TV series, video games, books and more. It depends on getting a few more backers at the European Film Market, apparently, but it sounds delightfully crazy:

EXODUS is a story about two brothers set in a distant future, on an even more distant planet. The last of the human race lives in comfort and prosperity behind the walls of their colony, protected from the bloodthirsty and mindless giants roaming the wild. Only the rangers, a corps of elite soldiers, are allowed to venture beyond the gates, and the young private, Elias, will do anything to become one of the chosen. For the adventure, definitely, but most importantly to prove himself to his ambitious mother and his older brother, Jacob, a highly decorated veteran. Jacob, however, will not allow Elias to follow in his footsteps and does everything in his power to stop him, despite his younger brother's obvious talents as a soldier.

Convinced that Jacob only wants to eliminate the competition for their mother's esteem, Elias defies his brother's will and joins the elite force behind his back. But what he doesn't know is that behind Jacob's hard and professional exterior, the years on the battlefield have left his soul scarred and traumatized. In a last attempt to protect Elias from suffering the same fate, Jacob follows him into the wild, but before he can force him back to the city, Elias makes his first kill. Shortly after, the platoon is ambushed, and as the only survivors Elias and Jacob are taken captive by the giants.

This marks the beginning of a journey, not only into the alien world of their enemy, but to the heart of Jacob's trauma as Elias discovers the truth about the giants.


So... family conflict and killer giants? Well, you can't blame the Danish for staying in their wheelhouse, I guess.

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[Via Twitch]

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Alan Dean Foster

Uh, you meant "the Danes", I believe. The "Danish" would be staying in their breadbox, not a wheelhouse.