Arrival's Denis Villeneuve Is Officially the Latest Director to Attempt a Dune Adaptation

Image: Dune (1984), Universal
Image: Dune (1984), Universal

Denis Villeneuve has said that adapting Dune is his dream, but that it would never happen. Now he’s been officially hired to make the first in a series of Dune movies for Legendary Pictures. We wish him all the luck in Arrakis.


It’s not that we don’t think he could do a good job. If there’s one thing Villleneuve has proven—especially with his last movie, Arrival—it’s that he can make a great science fiction film. It’s more that Dune has proven notoriously difficult to adapt. Like it’s alive and doesn’t want it.

Official word of Villeneuve’s hiring came late last night from Brian Herbert, Dune author Frank Herbert’s son, on Twitter:

We can’t wait to see what Villeneuve does with Dune. Assuming we see it.

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Villeneuve is crazy talented. I can’t wait to see what he does with the story.

On the topic of the series itself... I read the first novel for the first time last year. It was a great story, but in addition to enjoying Paul, I also found myself really attached to his mother and sister. And then I was told that the Atreides ladies don’t really feature much in later stories. Can io9ers confirm? Is it worth continuing the series if what I really want to read about is the women characters?