Demons Invade the DC Animated Universe in the First Trailer for Justice League Dark

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What happens when demons and magic start proliferating in the DC world? You call John Constantine and his merry band of supernatural allies. Well, first you call Batman, who calls Constantine, and then tags along anyway because he’s Batman, apparently.


While this isn’t the first time we’ve had a glimpse at the latest entry in DC’s line of animated movies, it’s the first official trailer for Justice League Dark, and a cool-looking one at that. It leans very heavily into its ties to the “normal” Justice League—a good chunk of the opening is given over to the JL deciding to call in heroes with supernatural expertise, and of course, Batman, who’s been described as the audience viewpoint character for the film, has a heavy presence throughout.

But when the trailer actually shows us the Justice League Dark team, it looks like a ton of fun. Its great to hear TV’s Constantine, Matt Ryan, back in action as the animated Constantine—especially the delight of hearing him casually telling someone to bugger off—and the visual side of the magic and demonic material the movie will delve into looks really neat. If you’re looking for a primer on the JLD before their live-action movie, this seems like it could be one to watch.

Justice League Dark releases on DVD, Blu-ray, and digitally in early 2017.

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Batman’s line at the end...we can do better.

“I punch things.”

“I take it out of Superman’s ass.”

“I recruit young boys and expose them to near-constant danger.”

“I have sex with very inappropriate women.”