Demons Beware, the Women of Ash vs Evil Dead Just Formed a Kick-Ass Power Team

Ruby (Lucy Lawless) and Kelly (Dana DeLorenzo) on Ash vs Evil Dead. Image: Starz

When Ash vs Evil Dead began its second season, Kelly was bored out of her mind—so though she doesn’t trust Ruby at all, she was thrilled when the season one baddie lured Ash out of retirement, putting Kelly back in action. In this clip from Sunday’s episode, “DUI,” the bitter rivals forge an unlikely partnership.


We already knew that “Bael” is this season’s big bad, someone from Ruby’s past. And now we know that she fears his strange power over her, in what may be the only Ash vs Evil Dead scene to date that doesn’t involve gore, horror, or some kind of wonderfully tasteless joke. Can’t wait to see the fight scene that’s bound to follow.

Ash vs Evil Dead airs Sunday nights on Starz.


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