Deep Sea Fauna with Googly Eyes

Today's science website of note: Deep Sea Fauna... With Googly Eyes – a single-subject tumblr that takes weird-looking critters from the ocean deep and grants them +2 Charisma by equipping them with a pair (or more) of plastic eyeballs. It's... surprisingly effective.

Above, Lepidonotopodium piscesae stares at you with mouth agape. Below, Bathynomus kensleyi looks on with murderous, wall-eyed intentions.


Amazing, right? Here's one more. A female Melanocetus johnsoni (a.k.a. Angler fish) mates with an unlucky, diminutive male. (The latter being unlucky because his body will soon become one with the female's. When it does, the only trace of his ever being there will be a pair of gonads. Yes, really.)


Seriously, people – this tumblr is inspired. Check it out here.

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