Dedicated Bat-fan builds himself a $150,000 Batcave

Meet Chris Weir. He likes Batman. A lot. You might have seen the concept art of his Batman-themed home theater last year, but now you can take a tour of the real thing, and it's pretty tremendous.

Highlights include the 120-inch TV, the Batman '66 Shakespeare bust button that reveals the entrance, a framed drawing of Batman by the owner when he was a little kid, and his incredibly sullen older son who clearly hates being forced to wear a Batman costume for this news piece and will probably never touch a Batman comic for the rest of his life except to burn it.


Question: Is this guy's parents alive? I hope so, but I know if I had a son who'd spent $150,000 on his own personal Batcave, well, I wouldn't let him take me out to any movies, is all.

[Via Obvious Winner]

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Wow, the kid dressed as Batman is so not amused.

If ever there was a back story on how a super villain got his start...