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The first teaser trailer for the James Bond movie Spectre was more subdued than we were expecting, but it was also jam-packed with hints about the movie's plot. We went through and screencapped every important shot, and here are the secrets of Spectre that we were able to find.

The Bombed-Out Remains Of The MI6 HQ:


Moneypenny comes to see Bond with some stuff recovered from the ashes of Skyfall house. Including a Certificate of Guardianship. Note the Certificate is made out to Oberhauser, the name of Christoph Waltz's character. Also, either James Bond's middle name is "Master," or that's a title they're using for a minor.

And there's a burnt picture of two boys and a man ‚ÄĒ James Bond and his brother? His step-brother? The other boy's face was (totally symbolically) destroyed by the fire.


Monica Bellucci is playing Lucia Sciarra... supposedly she's the widow of an assassin that James Bond killed. And this must be the funeral, which Bond has decided to crash.

Bond (I'm guessing) rides on a little boat across a lake in the Alps, going to a cabin in the middle of nowhere. Which is being squatted by crows, who aren't too happy with Bond's disturbance.


This is the Aston Martin DB10, Bond's sweet new car.

Bond goes to see Mr. White from the Quantum organization, who's in another secluded house some where. You can tell he's a mastermind because he has a chessboard. Mr. White knew a familiar face would kill him, but didn't know it would be Bond's.


Bond tells Mr. White that he heard his name at a meeting, and Mr. White is flattered to hear they remember him in London. But it wasn't an MI6 meeting. It was HYDRA!

OK, so not Hydra. Spectre. Similar logos. On realizing who Bond has gotten tangled up with, Mr. White says "You're a kite, dancing in a hurricane, Mr. Bond."


So then we see a few glimpses throughout all of this of Bond infiltrating the Spectre meeting, which is all well-dressed men in some kind of fancy building with a balcony.

And in the end, we see Oberhauser in shadows, sitting at a table with a bunch of other men. "Welcome James," he says. (Not "Mr. Bond".) It's been a long time (since they were kids together?) and finally here they are.


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