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December 18th
Perhaps you've heard about this little movie that James Cameron has been cooking up for the last few years. Sam Worthington heads up a cast that includes sci-fi grand dame Sigourney Weaver and new It Girl Zoe Star Trek Saldana, along with a CGI cast of hundreds. The footage shown at Comic-Con made everyone excited, the trailer got the backlash out've the way, so how will the movie itself be received? It may depend on just how much you can buy into the "reality" of the Na'vi... and whether the 3-D is as awe-inspiring as we've been led to believe.


December 25th
Sherlock Holmes
It's definitely not steampunk, according to those involved with the movie, but we don't care; Guy Richie and Robert Downey Jr.'s reboot of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's famous detective looks like the sort of movie that we could've done with this summer - smart, action-packed and funny (Just like Downey's Iron Man, really. Hmm...). As it is, we'll accept the potentially genre-busting thrillride for the holiday gift that it seems to have turned into.


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