Pop starlets Debbie Gibson and Tiffany explain to us how to murder the monsters from their Syfy original movie Mega Python Versus Gatoroid. Plus new cat-fight clips!

This week, we were lucky enough to catch an early screening of Mega Python vs. Gatoroid. And it was sensational. Debbie and Tiffany engage in the catfight we've been dreaming of, and deal with a monster onslaught. They took a little time out to talk about the movie with us.


How do you kill a Mega Python?

Debbie: You can chop off its head! But then you have to remember to pit the head, because the head can stay alive for an hour after it's dead.

How do you kill a Gatoroid?

Tiffany: I'm not so great at fighting the gators, but I have to say: Get in your car and at least try to run them over.


What was hardest to fight the gators, the snakes or…"

Debbie: Tiffany, Tiffany was the hardest of them all!

This was a 25 year fight in the making. What was it like to throw that first punch?


Debbie: It was a blast. You can hear by the audience's response that we were giving the people what they wanted. We've always liked each other, but we knew we were channeling a long time fantasy that people have always wanted.

So was the fight as big of a deal to you as it was to the rest of the world? Why do you think everyone is so jazzed to see you guys fight?


Tiffany: Because we're old broads! I have an 18-year-old son and I'm always teasing him like, "Hand me that cane, sweetie!" And that's my whole joke about my involvement with Syfy is because I'm a huge fan. But this is one thing that my son and I do together specifically. So this has completely freaked him out that he has to watch me on his favorite channel!

What inside jokes should the audience be looking for?

Debbie: Listen for a few song titles.

Are there more monster movies in your future?

Debbie: Oh yeah, I think it's so much fun. When I was shooting obviously I was all by myself and kind of making up the little baby alligators hatching and all that. But then to later see yourself superimposed next to the gators later on, I almost believed it. And I thought how cool that I get to be put into this scenario, it's so [much] bigger than life that it's a lot of fun.


What is your favorite line?

Debbie: When Tiffany was yelling, "We have to make bigger gators!"

Tiffany: Only in my dreams!

Mega Python Vs. Gatoroid will be on this Saturday on the Syfy Channel!

Here is a brand new clip with the slap heard 'round the world!

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