Debating Human Enhancement

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Where do you stand on the subject of human enhancement? If recent cultural trends in things like music, movies, and video games are any indication, it's a subject that's been picking at society's collective conscience quite a bit as of late.


In the interest of exploring the difficult questions that the subject of human enhancement is so good at engendering, the folks over at have put together an ongoing feature on transhumanism featuring conversations and debates over things like what transhumanism really is; how much control society has over advances in human enhancement; and how to determine whether or not a proposed enhancement is ethical.

The entire series, which has been running all week, is full of some very thought-provoking reading material, and is definitely worth checking out. You can find the whole series here, or drop in on one of the pieces individually, which you'll find listed below.

Mon: Should We Use Nanotech, Genetics, Pharmaceuticals, and Augmentations To Go Above and Beyond Our Biology?
Tues: Even If We Don't Want Enhancement, We Might Not Be Able To Stop It
Wed (Pt. I): Why I Don't Want To Be A Cyborg
Wed (Pt. II): It's Impossible To Predict Whether a Technology Will Be a "Good" or "Bad" Thing
Thurs (Pt. I): How To Determine Whether a Proposed Enhancement Is Ethical
Thurs (Pt. II): Why Can't We Enjoy Being Human Just a Little Longer?


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If you are pro transhumanism, are pro-steroids in baseball?

This question is supposed to be a conversation starter, not a challenge.