Death Race 2 Details: Go Behind Frank's Mask

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The next Death Race film is off and casting. But what will this prequel tell us about Frank, the ruthless cop killer? More importantly, Natalie Martinez is back, to slo-mo walk for your pleasure.


According to Shock Til You Drop, the next Death Race is going to fill in Frank's backstory, as well as List's and Case's, says writer Tony Giglio. Lists, who was played by the stuttering Frederick Koehler, and Case the super slo-mo shaking Natalie Martinez, will be back — or at least, their characters will. And that's good, because I think at least 15 minutes in the first Death Race remake were dedicated to watching Martinez walk around in tight clothes, so it will be good to learn where her inability to walk normally stemmed from. But other than that, we get to find out what the real Frank was like before Jason Statham's family-man character wussed him up.

Says Giglio:

I also took painstaking efforts to make certain that this prequel organically sets up a lot of the stuff that was in the original. Frankenstein is a bad ass. Unlike Statham's character in the original, Carl Lucas is a bad guy. He wasn't framed. He's not fighting to get out to save his children. He's a convicted cop killer. A guy who's worked for the mob his whole life. A true anti-hero. The idea was 'Mad Max.' He'll do the right thing, but only if it serves him. I hope that gives this film an edge most don't.

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So no Statham? Darn. But it does have the super cute Natalie Martinez and her "curly brace" smile? Great. #deathrace2