Sideshow’s Court of the Dead series has branched out its battle between Heaven and Hell into the world of digital comics—and Death’s role in the ever-ongoing conflict expands too, in this second part of our comic miniseries!

Turns out being the avatar of all death in Sideshow’s Court of the Dead means having a few tricks up your sleeve when it comes to dimension-threatening demonic conflicts—and in this case, it’s the role of the human race in the fight for dominance between Angels and Demons. Check out part two of the comic, as well as a handful of images from the Chronicle of the Underworld art book below, making their debut here on io9. And don’t forget to catch up on the first part of the comic here.

Tune in next week for the final part of the comic, and to learn more about Court of the Dead (and enter competitions to score some loot), you can head on over to Sideshow’s website here. Court of the Dead: Chronicles of the Underworld is available now.