Illustration for article titled Dear God What Have We Done: Kickstarter could help fund a emChuck/em movie next

Yesterday we the people swiftly crowdfunded a Veronica Mars movie. Whether you're for or against the massive fan funding, one thing is certain: the success of Rob Thomas' Kickstarter is certainly going to inspire plenty of canned TV shows to try to convince their fans to pay out for a second coming. Including Chuck.


It goes with out saying, we could be seriously down for a Middleman movie. But not so much for a Chuck movie.

Main character Zachary Levi sent out this tweet yesterday:


Look, Chuck was a fun show with great moments. Didn't we already consume copious amounts of low-grade deli meat to keep this boat afloat? Is this just the beginning of the wave of long gone shows vying for easy fan money? We can't think of a show less deserving of a movie spinoff, but we're sure you could...

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