Back in 2009 Annalee called Moon the best sci-fi movie of the summer , and we agree. Grab the blu-ray today for just $9. [Moon, $9]

You can build the better part of a blu-ray collection with these great anthology deals:

Alien Anthology and Prometheus Bundle ($20) | Amazon

Die Hard 25th Anniversary Collection ($20) | Amazon

Terminator Anthology ($20) | Best Buy | Today only

Mad Max Trilogy Limited Edition ($20) | Best Buy | Today only

We see deals on refurbished Roku 3s pretty frequently, but $80 is about as good as we've ever seen for a brand new one. [Roku 3, $80]

This Kindle doesn't have a touch screen or a backlight, but I still love mine. At $49, it's a steal. [Amazon Kindle, $49]

Brace yourselves, summer is coming. $70 is the best price ever on this Cuisinart ice cream maker. [Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker, $70]






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