Surprisingly, Mario Kart 8, which is selling very well, is still on sale for $49. We don't expect this to last too much longer, so grab the wheel while you can. As we've noted before you can still register your copy of Mario Kart 8 with Club Nintendo to grab a free game. [Mario Kart 8, $49]

Gif via bluesmagician and bryko [Tumblr]

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Been waiting for the right time to grab a 3DS XL? Getting one today will net you a $40 Walmart gift card, effectively bringing the price down to $160, which is $10-15 cheaper than the going discount price these days. A gift card isn't nearly as exciting as a straight discount, but you can just put the 40 bucks directly into some games. [3DS XL]

It's been endlessly bundled with various prequels and permutations of DLC, but today you can get all of Civilization V for just 16 bucks. [Civilization V: Complete Edition, $16]

PlayStation Plus is the best deal in gaming, and it's even better when you can subscribe for $40/year (down from $50). [PlayStation Plus, $40]

Seriously, if you want the Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth: The Wild Cards Premium Edition, get it now. Wouldn't be surprised if it's gone before the end of the day. Amazon doesn't charge you until it ships, so just get your copy locked in. [Persona Q]

Want the rest of those cards? Here's the link for Persona 4 Arena: Ultimax.

Amazon Prime was already one of the best bargains in tech, and it just got better with the addition of an ad-free music streaming service for subscribers . If you aren't a member yet, give it a spin with this 30 day free trial. [Amazon Prime Music]

This was going for $20 for a bit last night (you do follow @KinjaDeals, right?), but $23 is still the second lowest price ever. This looks like your standard 5-port wall charger, but it actually has an 11,000mAh battery built-in as well. [Lumsing 5-Port External Charger, $23]

It's highly likely that this will sell out, but if it's still available, be sure to grab $10 at Starbucks for $5. ($10 Starbucks Gift Card, $5)



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