Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars Is Still The Best, Silliest Marvel Tribute

Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars might just be the best thing to come from Marvel’s ongoing Secret Wars event. It’s not only filled with brilliant deep cuts for the classic ‘80s comic crossover, but it’s irreverently funny—and this week, it takes on the most iconic moment from the original event.


Minor spoilers ahead for Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars #3 ahead.

One of the most defining images of 1984’s Secret Wars event was Spider-Man staring in shock at his brand new black-and-white costume, given to him by an alien machine on Battleworld to replace his damaged suit:

Not only was it Spider-Man’s first major design overhaul since his creation, but the suit—which turned out to be, unbeknown to Peter Parker, a malignant alien symbiote that would later merge with Eddie Brock and become the supervillain Venom. So naturally, while Deadpool lampoons his way through the event in Secret Secret Wars, he has to revisit such an iconic moment:


In a moment pretty much ripped straight from the original Secret Wars #8, Deadpool gets his own black-and-white outfit, as seen in the header above—but then, in a typical moment of Wade-Wilson-branded fourth wall destruction, Deadpool realises that something is up with whatever just made his new costume:


Yup. Deadpool not only pegs the symbiote as an alien entity from the get-go (unlike Spider-Man), but he’s also seemingly responsible for turning into the crazy, twisted creature it is. And he still sends Spider-Man on his merry way to get the suit, knowing full well what will happen. Fantastic.

If you’ve got an affinity for the original Secret Wars and classic ‘80s Marvel in general, you really need to be checking out Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars. It’s brilliant.


[Images via Bleeding Cool]

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