Deadpool's Fate Revealed — After You Find Out Who Did The Catering

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If you want to see all the endings to X-Men Origins: Wolverine, you'll have to travel around the country, watching it in different theaters. Or you could just wait for the DVD.


Meeting with reporters, Wolverine director Gavin Hood confirmed those reports that the movie will have multiple end scenes, shown after the film's credits. The version shown to reporters in L.A. had a post-credit scene involving Deadpool and explaining his fate (and presumably leaving a door open for a Deadpool movie). But there are at least two other post-credit "easter eggs," which will flesh out the fate of other mutants. Or maybe Deadpool is really dead in one version, and alive in another. That would be kind of cool, sort of like Schrodinger's Deadpool.


And according to Sci Fi Wire, Hood basically admitted the final release of Wolverine is exactly the same as the leaked workprint, in terms of footage:

In addition to announcing the easter eggs, Hood explained that the differences between the final version and the pirated workprint are significant: There were some 400 unfinished effects shots that are now completed, Harry Gregson-Williams' score is now in place, and the entire film is properly color-timed.

Of course, since the whole point of a movie like Wolverine is big special effects sequences, those 400 effects shots are everything.

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Who else votes that we put "Schrodinger's Deadpool" into our vocabulary?