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Deadpool Photobombs Classic Marvel Comic Book Covers

Illustration for article titled Deadpool Photobombs Classic Marvel Comic Book Covers

As part of Marvel Comics' 75th anniversary celebration, Deadpool is hopping into classic covers from Marvel's history and photobombing his fellow Marvel characters.


Throughout October, Deadpool will be showing up in variant covers of various Marvel comics, covers that pay homage to classic Marvel covers. John Tyler Christopher drew the above Deadpool variant for Captain America #25, a reimagining of Captain America #1 with Deadpool cheering Cap on.

Head over to Comic Book Resources for more Deadpool variant covers, featuring remakes of the covers of Amazing Spider-Man #33, Not Brand Echh #5, Secret Wars #4, and more.


Deadpool Photobombs More Covers For Marvel's 75th Anniversary [CBR via GeekTyrant]

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Are we really so easily offended that we have to remove all references to Nazism even in artwork that features Nazis in a historical (albeit fictional-historical) context? Are we so sensitive that we have to take it to the point where the image of the US in the frame has to be replaced?