Deadpool Casts Morena Baccarin As Its Romantic Lead. Wait, What?

Illustration for article titled Deadpool Casts Morena Baccarin As Its Romantic Lead. Wait, What?

Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool movie is going to have romance in it? That's... that seems kind of weird, doesn't it?


No offense to Morena Baccarin — if she can pretend to be in love with the cardboard cut-out that is Jim Gordon on Gotham, she should have no problem feigning affection for a hideously scarred, completely insane mutant/assassin in Deadpool. But I thought Ryan Reynolds and his co-conspirators had accepted a lower budget for the movie specially so they could make it true to the character, and there's not a lot of romance in Deadpool's comics career (his recent marriage notwithstanding). If Deadpool could be said to have had a romantic lead over the last 20 or so years, I feel like that role would be filled by Mexican food.

Unless the studio still mandated Reynolds and co. put a romance in the movie, just to get the greenlight. (Because we all know that women won't ever go to a superhero movie unless there's kissing in it, of course.) Anyways, there's no need to worry or panic — there are plenty of appropriately Deadpool-y ways for the movie to subvert a standard superhero movie romance. And maybe Baccarin is playing the daughter of some kind of chimichanga magnate or something.

[Via The Hollywood Reporter]


She better be death, that's all i'm saying.

...or bea arthur.