Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool movie is going to have romance in it? That's... that seems kind of weird, doesn't it?

No offense to Morena Baccarin — if she can pretend to be in love with the cardboard cut-out that is Jim Gordon on Gotham, she should have no problem feigning affection for a hideously scarred, completely insane mutant/assassin in Deadpool. But I thought Ryan Reynolds and his co-conspirators had accepted a lower budget for the movie specially so they could make it true to the character, and there's not a lot of romance in Deadpool's comics career (his recent marriage notwithstanding). If Deadpool could be said to have had a romantic lead over the last 20 or so years, I feel like that role would be filled by Mexican food.


Unless the studio still mandated Reynolds and co. put a romance in the movie, just to get the greenlight. (Because we all know that women won't ever go to a superhero movie unless there's kissing in it, of course.) Anyways, there's no need to worry or panic — there are plenty of appropriately Deadpool-y ways for the movie to subvert a standard superhero movie romance. And maybe Baccarin is playing the daughter of some kind of chimichanga magnate or something.

[Via The Hollywood Reporter]