Deadpool 2's Absurdly Fun VFX Reel Reveals Flying Peters, Man-Toddlers, and How Wade Wilson Was Blown to Bits

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If you enjoyed the fourth-wall-breaking antics of Deadpool in his sequel, there’s a very good chance you’re also going to enjoy this behind-the-scenes video that reveals how VFX studio DNEG created many of the film’s most absurd and over-the-top scenes—including a digital crotch closeup, and Wade Wilson’s tiny toddler legs.


The VFX breakdown is also yet another example of how eerily good Hollywood has gotten at creating realistic digital stunt doubles. It’s now at the point where an actor’s performance on set is being corrected—and even completely replaced—in post-production, to perfectly realize a director’s vision. If superheroes didn’t have to remove their masks, there might not be a need for human performers at all at this point.


[ART of VFX]

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1. is this the company who didn’t finish doing the robot arm in the trailer? the video above did not show they doing anything with remove moustaches

2. So did Reynold’s crotch land on Brolin’s face or is that digital?

3. Next time when I watch movies I shall sing “Is this real life, or is this just CGI” to the tune of Bohemian Rhapsody